SAP Business Objects Interview Guide 📚

SAP BO Tips:

  1. Get a clear view of your current/previous project's architecture and the issues you have come across in your projects.
  2. Be ready to explain a scenario where you have faced complex issues and the methodology/approach you followed to overcome the issue.
  3. Highlight your approach in some issues which led to performance improvements.
  4. Be specific with your tool versions and the features specific to the versions.
  5. Be aware of the limitations of each reporting tool and how well the tool can integrate with various sources.
  6. The interviewer wants to know how well you know about SAP BO (Reporting tools – Webi, Lumira, etc.,) and the sources (datawarehouse, SAP BW, etc.,).

General Interview Tips:

  1. Be confident and be positive in your approach.
  2. Start your conversation very enthusiastically.
  3. The interviewer – architect/developer/manager always wants to check your technical knowledge and see how interested you are with your new job.
  4. If you don’t know the answer, say that you have never experienced the issue before, please don’t get tensed.
  5. He wants to see how positive you are and how energetic you are for the job.
  6. There is nothing wrong in saying “No”.

I will share my experience in SAP BO Webi Projects in the following blogs.

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