SAP BO - Webi Report - Issues

Below are the issues which I have faced in developing SAP Bo Webi reports:

1. Cannot change source, if the report is on top of SAP HANA view:

  For SAP BO Webi reports built on top of SAP HANA Views(directly), we cannot change source. I had to rebuild the report on top of the HANA view after any fixes/updates on the HANA views.

Below are the steps to create a Webi report on HANA Views:

Step 1: Choose SAP HANA view as a data source.


Step 2: Choose your Connection -> Package and the View.


Step 3: Create a report on HANA view.


Step 4: Try to change the data source. Change source button is disabled.


So, we cannot change the source here, as we do in a BO universe.

2. Dynamic Tabs in a Webi Report:

 There was a requirement to build a webi report with multiple tabs based on a dimension – Month (dynamic tabs). There is no direct way in webi to achieve this. So, I created a report with all the Months, duplicated it 12 times. And then restricted each of the 12 reports(tabs) with each month.

Work Around:


You can create a section on Month and set each section to start on a new page. But you cannot set it to start on a new report. So, below is the ideal approach for this requirement.

Step 1: Create a report without any filter on months.


Step 2: Duplicate the report 12 times.


Step 3: Add report filters on one month per report for all the months.


Step 4: Rename the reports with Month Names.


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